Tonight’s match Real Madrid vs Paris Saint


Tonight’s match Real Madrid vs Paris Saint vivid memories of the past in this competition

Cristiano Ronaldo v Neymar

Tonight real can get to the exciting combat view between Madrid and Paris Saint, both teams have their strongest on their own place to decide who will be winning in this exciting bout of Karapanos, this match in the Bernabeu has vivid memories of the past in this exciting football match again Real Madrid is in courage because of his past rekardon his players are also willing to put a full emphasis in this match but the future who knows who will win can only figure out the past decisions so in this case Real Madrid many The bar champion turned Paris Saint is rattled by his failings in the Champions League

This match is going to be exciting

Asked about his tayyari from PSG, he explained that we have started Tayyari in the camp PSG would like to win this match by forgetting their failures, even if the match is going to be exciting, as PSG saidwe have good level of our Australians For the strong and rukkh of the match to be on our side PSG the presence of Neymar is all the more important, as he is the most impressive player in the camp match should not forget he is always ready to deal with any situation and to match the exciting bouts. tends to stand by by bringing

Paris Saint would want to win the match actually

Paris Saint would want to win the match Jarur or it is also likely tie this match to Paris Saint would want to win every match occurring in your home and if this match gets a tie even if it is a bad loss in the event of Paris saint The dream will be akin to the Champions League in which talent like Neymar wins to that side can actually meet the possibilities of Victory told by one of the Real Madrid officials we have this exciting Evander in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is ready to see what today’s match is the color creeper



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