Eden Hazard Was Wearing The No.50 Shirt Why?

Eden Hazard Was Wearing The No.50 Shirt Why

Eden Hazard wore the No. 50 shirt for his Real Madrid debut match this was on Saturday when astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped out on the surface and famously announced it was the 50th anniversary: because of the No.7 shirt in possession of Mariano Diaz. Eden Hazard is currently unable to take the No.7 shirt.


Eden Hazard was given the free regime to select the points available to appear on the back of his jersey, which he welcomed and armstrong with the No. 50 T-shirt, fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin and the crew’s achievements at NASA. Former Chelsea were unable to convince Luka Modric to part with their No. 10 shirt, which was Zhad’s first choice.


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