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17 Fri, Aug, 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule,Fixtures,Venues,Dates,FIFA Match Live

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule – FIFA World Cup is international soccer tournament in four years. This is a male football tournament. Whose member countries are linked to FIFA hosting. The FIFA World Cup of 2018 from 14 June to 15 until July 2018. Russia got the right to host Russia on December 2 2010 Fee. The final match will be played at the Luzhniki Stadium of the World Cup. The first World Cup was in Germany in the Sun 2006.

Dates: June 14 – July 15
Teams: 32 (from 5 federations)
Location: Russia – 12 Places in 11 host cities

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule GROUP STAGE

(British Summer Time (BST) = Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) => Difference 1HR 

Sr. No.Date GroupMatchesTimingsVenue
1.Thursday June 14ARussia vs Saudi Arabia8.30 pm IST/ 4pm BSTLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
2.Friday June 15AEgypt vs Uruguay5.30 pm IST / 1pm BSTEkaterinburg Arena,Ekaterinburg
3.Friday June 15BMorocco vs Iran8.30 pm IST/ 4pm BSTSaint Petersburg Stadium,Saint Petersburg
4.Friday June 15BPortugal vs Spain11.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTFisht Stadium,Sochi
5.Saturday June 16CFrance vs Australia3.30 pm IST/  11am BSTKazan Arena,Kazran
6.Saturday June 16DArgentina vs Iceland6.30 pm IST/ 2pm BSTSpartak Stadium,Moscow
7.Saturday June 16CPeru vs Denmark9.30 pm IST/5pm BSTMordovia Arena,Saransk
8.Saturday June 16DCroatia vs Nigeria12.30 am IST/ 8pm BSTKaliningrad Stadium,Kaliningrad
9.Sunday June 17ECosta Rica vs Serbia5.30 pm IST/ 1pm BSTSamara Arena,Samara
10.Sunday June 17FGermany vs Mexico8.30 pm IST/ 4pm BSTLuzhniki Stadium,Moscow
11.Sunday June 17EBrazil vs Switzerland11.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTRostov Arena,Rostov-On-Don
12.Monday June 18FSweden vs Korea Republic5.30 pm IST/ 1pm BSTNizhny Novgorod Stadium,Nizhny Novgorod
13.Monday June 18GBelgium vs Panama8.30 pm IST/  4pm BSTFisht Stadium,Sochi
14.Monday June 18GTunisia vs England11.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTVolgograd Arena,Volgograd
15.Tuesday June 19HColombia vs Japan5.30 pm IST/ 1pm BSTMordovia Arena,Saransk
16.Tuesday June 19HPoland vs Senegal8.30 pm IST/ 4pm BSTSpartak Stadium,Moscow
17.Tuesday June 19ARussia vs Egypt11.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTSaint Petersburg Stadium,Saint Petersburg
18.Wednesday June 20BPortugal vs Morocco5.30 pm IST/ 1pm BSTLuzhniki Stadium,Moscow
19.Wednesday June 20AUruguay vs Saudi Arabia8.30 pm IST/ 4pm BSTRostov Arena,Rostov-On-Don
20.Wednesday June 20BIran vs Spain11.30 pm IST/ 7pmKazan Arena,Kazan
21.Thursday June 21CDenmark vs Australia5.30 pm IST / 4pm BSTSamara Arena,Samara
22.Thursday June 21CFrance vs Peru8.30 pm IST/ 1pm BSTEkaterinburg Arena,Ekaterinburg
23.Thursday June 21DArgentina vs Croatia11.30 pm IST/ 7pm BTNizhny Novgorod Stadium,Nizhny Novgorod
24.Friday June 22EBrazil vs Costa Rica5.30 pm IST/ 1pm BSTSaint Petersburg Stadium,Saint Petersburg
25.Friday June 22DNigeria vs Iceland8.30 pm IST/ 4pm BSTVolgograd Arena,Volgograd
26.Friday June 22ESerbia vs Switzerland11.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTKaliningrad Stadium,Kaliningrad
27.Saturday June 23GBelgium vs Tunisia5.30 pm IST/  1pm BSTSpartak Stadium,Moscow
28.Saturday June 23FKorea Republic vs Mexico8.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTRostov Arena,Rostov-On-Don
29.Saturday June 23FGermany vs Sweden11.30 pm IST/ 4pm BSTFisht Stadium,Sochi
30.Sunday June 24GEngland vs Panama5.30 pm IST/ 1pm BSTNizhny Novgorod Stadium,Nizhny Novgorod
31.Sunday June 24HJapan vs Senegal8.30 pm IST/ 4pm BSTEkaterinburg Arena,Ekaterinburg
32.Sunday June 24HPoland vs Colombia11.30 pm IST/  7pm BSTKazan Arena,Kazan
33.Monday June 25AUruguay vs Russia7.30 pm IST/ 3pm BSTSamara Arena,Samara
34.Monday June 25ASaudi Arabia vs Egypt7.30 pm IST/ 3pm BSTVolgograd Arena,Volgograd
35.Monday June 25BIran vs Portugal11.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTMordovia Arena,Saransk
36.Monday June 25BSpain vs Morocco11.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTKaliningrad Stadium,Kaliningrad
37.Tuesday June 26CDenmark vs France7.30 pm IST/ 3pm BSTLuzhniki Stadium,Moscow
38.Tuesday June 26CAustralia vs Peru7.30 pm IST/ 3pm BSTFisht Stadium,Sochi
39.Tuesday June 26DNigeria vs Argentina11.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTSaint Petersburg Stadium,Saint Petersburg
40.Tuesday June 26DIceland vs Croatia11.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTRostov Arena,Rostov-On-Don
41.Wednesday June 27FMexico vs Sweden7.30 pm IST/ 3pm BSTEkaterinburg Arena,Ekaterinburg
42.Wednesday June 27FKorea Republic vs Germany7.30 pm IST/ 3pm BSTKazan Arena,Kazan
43.Wednesday June 27ESerbia vs Brazil11.30 pm IST/  7pm BSTSpartak Stadium,Moscow
44.Wednesday June 27ESwitzerland vs Costa Rica11.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTNizhny Novgorod Stadium,Nizhny Novgorod
45.Thursday June 28HJapan vs Poland7.30 pm IST/  3pm BSTVolgograd Arena,Volgograd
46.Thursday June 28HSenegal vs Colombia7.30 pm IST/  3pm BSTSamara Arena,Samara
47.Thursday June 28GPanama vs Tunisia11.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTMordovia Arena,Saransk
48.Thursday June 28GEngland vs Belgium11.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTKaliningrad Stadium,Kaliningrad

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule ROUND OF 16

49.Saturday June 301C vs 2D7.30 pm IST/ 3pm  BSTKazan Arena,Kazan
50.Saturday June 301A vs 2B11.30 pm IST/ 7pm  BSTFisht Stadium,Sochi
51.Sunday July 11B vs 2A7.30 pm IST/ 3pm BSTLuzhniki Stadium,Moscow
52.Sunday July 11D vs 2C11.30 pm IST/ 7pmNizhny Novgorod Stadium,Nizhny Novgorod
53.Monday July 21E vs 2F7.30 pm IST/ 3pm BSTSamara Arena,Samara
54.Monday July 21G vs 2H11.30 pm IST/ 7pm  BSTRostov Arena,Rostov-On-Don
55.Tuesday July 31F vs 2E7.30 pm IST/ 3pm BSTSaint Petersburg Stadium,Saint Petersburg
56.Tuesday July 31H vs 2G11.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTRostov Arena,Rostov-On-Don

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule QUARTERFINALS

57.Friday July 6W49 vs W507.30 pm IST/ 3pm BSTNizhny Novgorod Stadium,Nizhny Novgorod
58.Friday July 6W53 vs W5411.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTKazan Arena,Kazan
59.Saturday July 7W55 vs W567.30 pm IST/ 3pm BSTSamara Arena,Samara
60.Saturday July 7W51 vs W5211.30 pm IST/ 7pmFisht Stadium,Sochi


FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule SEMIFINALS

61.Tuesday July 10W57 vs W5811.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTSaint Petersburg Stadium,Saint Petersburg
62.Wednesday July 11W59 vs W6011.30 pm IST/ 7pm BSTLuzhniki Stadium,Moscow

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule THIRD PLACE MATCH

63.Saturday July 14L61 vs L627.30 pm IST/ 3pm BSTSaint Petersburg Stadium,Saint Petersburg
64.Sunday July 15W61 vs W628.30 pm IST/ 4pm BSTLuzhniki Stadium,Moscow

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule FINAL

64.Sunday July 15W61 vs W628.30 pm IST/ 4pm BSTLuzhniki Stadium,Moscow
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