High Speed & Fastest Internet Providers in USA | Google Internet, Xfinity, Verizon, AT&T, Spectrum

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Fastest Internet Provider in USA | High Speed Internet Providers like Google Internet, Xfinity, Verizon, AT&T, Spectrum in the USA (United States). You can find here and select fastest Internet provider that’s called internet providers for my area. Google fiber, Xfinity, Verizon, Spectrum etc is the best internet providers provides speeds upto 1 to 2 Gig – gigabite per second. scroll down the page and check the high speed internet for your home, office and business at HD, Dowload Full HD, 4K streaming, online gaming, heavy file tranfer.

Fastest Internet Provider in USA | Google Internet, Xfinity, Verizon, AT&T, Spectrum

Find a list of the fastest or high speed internet providers near me or in my area in the USA (United States).

  1. Gigabit Fiber Optic Internet [Google Fiber]
  2. Xfinity Internet,
  3. Verizon Internet,
  4. AT&T Internet,
  5. Spectrum Internet,
  6. RCN Internet
  7. CenturyLink

#1. Gigabit Fiber (Google Internet)

Gigabit Fiber or Google Optic Internet is the Fastest Internet Provider in the United States. Google Fiber provides you an amazing internet speed for searching, streaming, downloads and uploads. You can download 2.5 hours 1080p movie at just 28.5 seconds in their 2 Gig plan. The Google Fiber Internet provided by Alphabet Inc. The Internet from Speed 1 Gigabite (1000 mbps – megabite per second) up to 2 Gig (2000 mbps).

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1 Gig – $70/month1

Get fast Internet that for your whole home and everyone in it – including 200+ connected devices.

  • 6x faster downloads than cable internet
  • 77x faster uploads than cable internet
  • Google Wifi
  • 2 access points included
  • Free esay installation
  • self-install kit

2 Gig – $100/month1

Get Fastest WiFi Speeds and with the Fastest or high speed Internet providers to provide high speed downloading and uploading data, text file, image file, video, voice by google fiber internet in USA. The 2 Gig plans for very high speed internet plan and high bandwidth for large families, Large business, companies, entertainment fans, and gamers in USA.

  • 12x faster downloads
  • 77x faster uploads
  • Wi-Fi 6 router
  • Mesh Extender included
  • Free professional installation

Google Fiber 1 & 2 Gig Full Specifications

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#2. Xfinity Internet

No dubt Xfinity is the 2nd Fastest Internet Provider in USA. You will be acceable to fast search speed, online, multiplayer gaming, heavy HD streaming on your digital devices and also connect Unlimited devices. Xfinity offer speeds from 15 Mbps to Internet speed measures in 2000 megabits per second (Mbps) or 2 Gigabite per second. 1200 mbps Download speed $79.99/mo with the 2 years agreement with free installations. In the 3000 Mbps* Internet plan cost at $299 .95/mo with 2-Year Agreement and in the plan Additional taxes and fees may be applied.

1200 mbps Plan: $USD 110.95/mo (no contract but additional taxes and fees may be applied).

3000 Mbps* Plan: Speeds 940/800 mbps
Price: $USD 299.95 (taxes and fees will apply)

Get Xfinity 1 Gbps Internet Pricing and Specifications

#3. Verizon Internet

Verizon is the best internet service provider that’s provides High speed internet in the different areas in the United States of America (USA). The Internet provide speeds up to 880 – 940 Mbps. In the 3000 Mbps* Internet plan cost at $299 .95/mo with 2-Year Agreement and in the plan Additional taxes and fees may be applied. you can use fios internet on Unlimited devices.

3000 Mbps* Plan: Speeds 940/800 mbps
Price: $USD 299.95 (taxes and fees will apply)

Verizon Fios Fastest Internet Specifications

#4. AT&T Internet

AT&T Launched Internet 1000 plan to provide high-speed internet for united states people. AT&T Internet 1000 service powered by AT&T Fiber. The download speeds of 1000Mbps connection plan as 940Mbps (or 1 gigabit per second). you can stream, net generation gaming, video content in HD or 4K Ultra HD smoothly, download heavy images, fast streaming.

Powered by AT&T Fiber

  • Upload a 4-minute HD video in 1 seconds.
  • Upload 10 photos in less than 1 second.
  • Download a 1 GB file in less than 1 minute.
  • Stream HD video on up to 9 devices, 4K Ultra HD on up to 2 devices.

FAT&T Fiber full Specification of Internet 1 Gbps

#5. Spectrum Internet

Spectrum Internet is the best and fast Internet provider near me. The Spectrum Internet speeds include up to 200 Mbps, 400 Mbps and 1 Gbps (wireless speeds may vary). Spectrum Internet GIG plan for Gamer, surfing and 4k stream at fastest available speed. in the plan self install options also available and the Speed based on wired connection.

Plan Cost at $109.99/mo for 12 mos.

#6. RCN Internet

RCN is an Local high speed Internet proverder in USA. Gig internet is an internet connection up to 940 megabits per second (Mbps)* You can Surf, share, post, game, listen, chat, watch at ultra-high speeds. RCN Internet up to 940 Mbps* Experienced speeds may vary. The estimated rate $49.99 applies to months 3-12 with Includes 2 months Free and no contract required. Modem DOCSIS 3.1 required for 500 mbps or high service speed.
RCN 940 mps plan at 49.99/mon

#7. Metronet

Metronet provide you a fastest 1 Gigabite plan at coast $USD 69.95*/mo for 6 months. Get Symmetrical 1 Gig Internet + FREE Whole Home WiFi. Great for searching, 4k heavy video streaming video and music, Heavy gaming, hd Video chatting, fast Uploading and downloading, Includes wireless router. if you want to receive HD stream, on 4k television, an HD compatible converter box, and a remote control are required.
  • Email large files
  • Seamless gaming
  • Rapid 4k video downloads
  • Video conferencing
  • Good for 8+ connected devices
  • Includes wireless router
1 Gigabite Plan
Cost at $USD 69.95*/mo & 59.95/mo for 6 mos

Metronet Internet

#8. CenturyLink

Centrury Link Fiber provide fast internet at just $65/mo for up to 940 Mbps (megabite per second). you can get 20X faster upload speed than cable internet. Centrury Link Fiber 1 gbps internet for the households to use multiple devices at super‑fast speeds and with unlimited data, lag‑free online gaming and video chatting. CenturyLink available in the differen cities the across the country.

Availability Century Link: Boulder, COColumbia/Jefferson City, MODenver, COFort Myers/Cape Coral, FLIdaho Falls/Pocatello, IDLa Crosse, WILas Vegas, NVMinneapolis/St. Paul, MNOcala/The Villages, FLOmaha, NE, Orlando, FLPhoenix, AZPlatteville, WIPortland, ORSalt Lake City, UTSeattle-Tacoma, WASpokane, WASpringfield, MOTucson, AZ.

Centurylink Fiber Gigabit
Speed up to 940 mbps
Plan Cost at $65/mo

Century Link Fiber Gigabit full specifications

High Speed and Fastest internet provider in USA (2022)

Rank Providers Plan Cost [2022] Max Speed  US Locations
#1 Google Fiber $70-$100/m 1 Gbps – 2 Gbps 19 cities
#2 Xfinity $94.99/mo 940 Mbps 40 states
#3 Verizon Fios $89.99/mo 940 Mbps 10 states
#4 Spectrum $129.99/mo 940 Mbps 44 states
#5 SuddenLink $49.99/mo 1 Gbps 18 states
#6 RCN Internet
$59.99/mo 1 Gbps 08 states
#7 CenturyLink
$65/month 940 Mbps 50 states
#8 AT&T Internet $60.00/mo 940 Mbps 21 states
#9 Optimum $79.99/mo 940 Mbps 07 states
#10 RCN Internet $49.99/mo 940 Mbps 22 states
#11 Sparklight $125/mo 1,000 megabits 19 states
#12 Metronet $59.95/mo 1,000 Mbps 1,000 Mbps.
#13 Windstream $57*/mo 1 Gig 18 states
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