UEFA Champions League, Eden Hazard Comparison With Lionel Messi

UEFA Champions League _Hazard Vs Messi

Eden Hazard Comparison With Lionel Messi, UEFA Champions League

Hazard has won Player of the Year awards for Chelsea two time

Eden admitted he wants the Chelsea team to be more famous on the Champions League stage but the comparison is not true for Eden five-time winners Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo together.The risk goes with major to major Messi when Barcelona fight with
Belgium on Wednesday leading Chelsea Hikari Eden his To share the Player ofthe Year
awards has won two Premier League titles, it is good that the greatest ever, Messi 
or  to be compared to Ronaldo, Eden said, I kikoshish to do my job and try to reach
their level, because they are the most improved players inthe world. We have to
try to play the best game in every season.

am happy here, my family is happy here (UEFA Champions League)

If you want to be one of the best, you will have to play very good in
the big game.
He said,  I am happy here, my family is happy here I am just advise on the
game tomorrow I don’t think much about the future because you would
never know what might happen in the future. Hazard, who is Chelsea‘s
top scorer with 15 goals this season, is Eden‘s most important player for Chelsea.

Hazard goes head-to-head with Messi on WednesdayUEFA Champions League _Hazard Vs Messi (2)

Barcelona have to be prepared tomorrow to stop him. He’s really he’s a good players who plays fast against the opposition team, he’s in really good form in his last game and we have to be ready for him.
He is one of the best Australians (Valverde) in the world (UEFA Champions League)
He is one of the best Australians (Valverde) in the world not just to win the 
Premier League with Chelsea here, but what he did at Juventus, (and) the
(Italian) national team is working his teams very well they know what to do
in every moment of the game For me it is a challenge to face the coach of the team by himConte coworker that he is one of the best teams in the
world who accepts the pressures and challenge of the Champions League stage. If you want to compete at the maximum level, you have to be prepared
to withstand this pressure. The Italian said,Every game must have the right
pressure of the team like Chelsea. Messi won only one and failed to score in
eight previous bouts against Chelsea.
Conte, saying,  We are talking about the world‘s best player. 
The Messi have the ability to resolve the situation and create the chance,
when you don’t see a chance to score, he said.


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