WhatsApp Web Scan: How to scan a WhatsApp QR Code in Mobile for Laptop, Desktop and for PC?

WhatsApp Web Scan: if you want to scan QR Code for WhatsApp Web on PC, Laptop or Desktop you should follow the instructions to login your WhatsApp on Web. you can add and delete the contact, send text, voice and images, video message via WhatsApp Web Service. WhatsApp Web requires you to have your iPhone or Android Smartphone for your computer to use.

How to scan a WhatsApp QR code?

You can scan a WhatsApp QR code for your contact or send the message to your family or friends via WhatsApp Web Service.

To Scan a WhatsApp QR code follow the Instructions:

WhatsApp Web Scan

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Click on > Vertical three dots icon top right
  • Click on > WhatsApp Web
  • Tap SCAN CODE on your Laptop, Desktop or PC
  • Hold your device to scan the QR code.
  • Now you have successfully Scan the Web WhatsApp Code

How to WhatsApp Web Scan Code Step by Steps?

  1. Open > WhatsApp
  2. Click on WhatsApp > Three dots Top Right
  3. Click on > WhatsApp Web
  4. Scan > WhatsApp Web Code
  5. Scanned  > Now You have Successfully Scanned to WhatsApp Web Code

For WhatsApp Web Scan: First of all you may required to open WhatsApp in your smartphone.

  • Open > WhatsApp


In the Second step click on three dots top right side in your smartphone screen.

  • Click on > Three dots Top Right at WhatsApp Screen

WhatsApp Web Scan Click on three dots

Now in the third step kindly click on WhatsApp Web or follow the screens instruction.

  • Click on > WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

Now in the fourth step click on Hold the mobile scanner on WhatsApp Web Code and it will be automatically scan the WhatsApp Web Code

  • Scan the below Code> WhatsApp Web Code

Scan WhatsApp Web

After Complete Successfully Scan the WhatsApp Web Code the screen will appear like below

  • Now the WhatsApp Web Code Scanned

WhatsApp Web Scan Complete WhatsApp Web Scan (Setting Method):

If you want to WhatsApp Web Scan on PC, Laptop or Desktop please follow the below instruction to send your text, voice, image and video messages for your family, colleague, friends or classmate.

  1. Open WhatsApp > Click on three dots top right
  2. Click on Setting for Scan to WhatsApp Web
  3. Click on > QR Code Scan Icon showing on Top Right Side
  4. In The QR Code have tow option My Code and Scan Code
  5. Click on > Scan Code
  6. Scan WhatsApp QR Code

Download WhatsApp Mac or Windows PC

  • To Download WhatsApp: Visit www.whatsapp.com/download and hit enter.
  • Under the Mac or Windows PC rights side

Your are seeing the three downloads link Mac OS, Window 64 bit & Windows 32 bit. Download your supported version and install the WhatsApp Web App on your PC, Laptop or Desktop.

Supported Versions WhatsApp:

Download WhatsApp Android or iPhone

You can visit the this link for WhatsApp Download > whatsapp.com/dl or direct download with given below links for you Android or iOS Smartphone.

WhatsApp Android: Download for Android
WhatsApp iOS: Download for iPhone
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