World Boxing Super Series SF Bout Between Champion Groves vs Eubank

Groves Vs Eubank

World Boxing Super Series Semi-Final Bout Between Champion Groves Vs Eubank

All eyes are on the Manchester Arena fights of the year.

The final bout between champion George Groves and challenger Chris Eubank took place in the World Boxing Super Series Super title bout.The second semi-finals winner will be held in Germany at the end of the week of next between Callum Smith and Jurgen Braehmer

We can do great battle response and analysis here is just… ।

George Groves v Chris Eubank Jr Ryan Walsh v Isaac Lowe
Tommy Langford bt Jack Arnfield
Zach Parker BT Adasat Rodriguez
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Sebastian Eubank bt Kamil Kulczyk Mikael Lawal bt Adam Willians
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This fight will be almost the first by 6 p.m

Groves Vs Eubank (2)

This will be a great fight the trailer then showed when George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr went to nose and eye to the nose for the last time in front of the camera and both took a second stand to make the tan before fight. World super-middleweight will try every possible of betting on the title and place in the World Boxing Super Series finals on Saturday nights in Manchester.Are continuing their war of words with trees.Groves is making the second defense of his world.

The big fight – The biggest battle of the year so far 

It is also for the fighting organization World super middleweight title and WBA Super World super middleweight titles.

Manchester Arena faces Chris Eubank Jnr at the semi-final of the World Boxing Super Series on Saturday night.

Group Round Betting

  1. George Groves Round 1 – 3 14/1
  2. George Groves Round 4 – 6 10/1
  3. George Groves Round 7 – 9 9/1
  4. George Groves Round 10 – 12 10/1
  5. Chris Eubank Jr Round 1 – 3 11/1
  6. Chris Eubank Jr Round 4 – 6 8/1
  7. Chris Eubank Jr Round 7 – 9 15/2
  8. Chris Eubank Jr Round 10 – 12 8/1


Bookies has put his bets on Eubank Jnr as his favorite boxer for the fight 

He said “I’m a secret thug, but it doesn’t taste good”. Chris Eubank Jr are doing his own for his world title bout with George Groves.Groves has been darker in fights than Eubank Jr.
Boxing columnist Barry McGuigan reckons Groves will win through the knockouts.Some betting companies have put the words on Chris Eubank Jnr and informed modest favourites will beat George Groves

It is boxing Theater which contains very interesting and aggressive

Groves Vs Eubank (3)

We look at the evidence of this great level when you see the trees that have fought in front of the camera, clearly relation Eubank Jnr has been deeply.Eubank claimed he will have an elongated race horse challenge for the WBA super middleweight title of Eubank Groves and is forecast to win because he tells the faith of the inner.Groves has been stopped twice in his three defeats – both times by Carl Froch – and Eubank’s claim shows he is vulnerable.

“It’s a compliment to me he says I’m in the box from six years he says I’ve never heard of people having been tested quite a few times in my professional career he said I am doing my job, I am hitting and not getting hit unshakable And I know there’s my confidence comes from this fight. 0 ”

He Said, I’m 28 years old and I’ve made 27 fights.

I’m 28 years old and I’ve made 27 fights so I don’t need anyone’s advice, “he said. “I’ve done it through and know what to do. My father is my father and you can’t stop him from talking

Claimed Chris Eubank of George Groves claimed “Not OK” “That Saturday night referees will have the need to come to him for his defense

Eubank Sr urged the official Michael Alexander to get ready to fight to stop the trees caused by the controversy. Blackwell suffered a bleed on his brain when he fought Eubank Jr two years ago and could put an apostle in a coma. Eubank Sr said: “George is in deep water. Junior is a shark and the referee needs only the watchful of both men.


Tyson Fury has backed criticism of Eubank saying the same reason trees are being tried failed to impress their referees. He said, “He’s trying to manipulate the referee’s mindset

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